Paper Hats From Junk Mail

Make a fun paper hat for your kids (or dog).

Growing up of little means, I remember using old newsprint for all kinds of projects because it was cheap and always around. My favorite was always to make a big paper hat. While I don’t get a printed paper anymore, I do get a ton of store circulars along with my daily mail. While these circulars aren’t as big as a full newspaper sheet, they’ll do! Here’s how to make a fun hat.


Find a large sheet of newsprint. The larger the better.


Fold the newsprint in half, from top to bottom.


Fold the top left and top right corners down, so they line up in the middle.


Fold only the top layer of the bottom of the newsprint up.


This sheet was a little long, so I folded that flap up once more.


Flip the whole thing over and repeat folding the flap up the same way you did on the other side.


Now you have a fun little hat. You can dress up as a pirate, or Robin Hood, or a Good Burger employee.

Have fun!