Painted Rocks

Grab some smooth-ish rocks in your yard or while you’re out on a walk and decorate it!
I had other plans for an art project today but my daughter asked if she could paint some rocks and I thought it seemed like a great idea. This project can be done with just about any thing that will make a permanent mark – nail polish, sharpie marker or acrylic paint.

Supplies You’ll Need

Rocks (the smoother the better)
Acrylic Paint and brushes -OR- Nail Polish, Gel Pens, Sharpie Marker


Gather a few rocks from outside. My children “found” some that are part of our exterior landscaping but really any rock that is smooth enough to add paint or marker to will work.


Decorate your rocks! There’s no wrong way to do it. Just make sure you have a paper or drop cloth to keep your work surface clean and a well ventilated room if needed.

We mostly used acrylic paint on our rocks since the color shows up bright and dries waterproof. But you can also use nail polish if you don’t have acrylic paint on hand.

You can also use permanent markers, but take note that the colors will be see through when you paint on the rocks.

I also tried out some metallic permanent markers and a gel pens and both worked quite well.