A simple craft that you can do with just about anything you have lying around the house.

I know not everyone has a closet full of arts and craft supplies at the ready. And going out to grab art supplies is clearly not essential right now. So my goal is to come up with projects that you can do with various supplies that you may have around the house. I also try and think about substitutions for materials and how to make a project work with those different materials. I hope you find ways to flex your creativity with your children during this time and know that it’s about the time spent together and not the results.

The beautiful full moon last night made me think of a book I always enjoyed reading to my children – Moonstick: Seasons of the Sioux. (I wish there was a digital version online to download or a video of the author reading it, but sadly I couldn’t find anything.) The story tells of a Sioux tradition of making a notch on a stick with each full moon to tell the passing of the year. Inspired by this story, I decided to make my own moon stick, with a stripe along the stick to mark each full moon in the year.

Supplies You’ll Need

A stick – any size or shape works
String – any kind. Twine, yarn, thread, old shoelaces, whatever!
Paint – any kind. Nail polish, acrylic, house paint, spray paint, whatever!
Masking tape
Other optional decoration: Beads, washi tape, colorful duct tape, feathers, or dried plants, whatever!


If you want to paint your stick, mask off the area you want to paint first and apply the paint. Be sure to put down some paper on your work surface (great use for junk mail!) and supervise children as necessary. I used nail polish but you could use any sort of paint you have on hand. Be sure to open a window or head outside if you are using a paint with lots of fumes.



If you want to make a stripe with string, simply wrap it around the stick several times until the stripe reaches the width you want. Tie a simple knot at the end to keep it from unwinding. If you have beads or feathers you can add those to the end of the string.


Continue to add stripes to the stick to represent each full moon that has passed for the year. I made mine in April so there are four stripes so far. When you reach 13 full moons a year will have passed. Feel free to make stripes however you wish. Use paint, marker, string, or carve a notch with a pocket knife. There is no wrong way to do it.


My daughter decided to create a magic wand with her stick, and painted stripes of nail polish. Don’t be afraid to follow your inspiration if it strikes!