Electoral College Map Free Printable

Hello! I’m not sure if you heard, but there is a US Presidential Election coming up. In my never ending quest to provide more civics education to the world, I have put together this FREE Electoral College Map printable for your printing pleasure!

Electoral College Printable Map

In case you haven’t heard, there is a US Presidential Election this year! Registered US Citizens will cast their ballots on the first Tuesday in November. However, each state will send special people, called Electors, to vote reflecting the popular vote of their state. Each state has a different amount of electors based on how many people live in that state. There are 538 total electoral votes that can be cast in each election, and whoever gets the most electoral votes wins. The very least amount of votes a candidate must receive in order to win is 270.

I’ve put together this simple printable of how many Electoral Votes each state receives and a chart to keep track of how many electors each candidate has received. My hope is that it will be easy enough for a young child to comprehend and that you can further their knowledge of how our electoral system works. Enjoy!