Camping Collage Calendar

I’ve decided to keep the monthly project of making a calendar with my kindergarten boy through the Summer. It’s a great way for him to practice cutting,¬†writing numbers and following directions. Since June is usually the month we go on our annual camping trip, I thought I’d make our calendar art this month have a camping theme!

Supplies You Will Need

Construction Paper in various colors
Glue stick
Markers or Pen
(optional) Decorative Edge Scissors


Choose a color for your sky (I chose black but you could choose blue or any color you like!). Then cut out a wavy line from a different color paper to make your mountains.


Glue the mountains towards the top of your paper.


Next, use some green paper to cut out triangles. These will be your trees. We used our zig-zag decorative edge scissors, but regular scissors will do the job just fine.


If you have more than one shade of green, you can overlap different color trees to create a more layered look.


Lastly, pick a color for your tent and cut out a triangle. Then Cut a small slit in the bottom middle of the triangle. Fold out the paper along the cut. These are your tent flaps. You can also add a little flag at the top of the tent if you wish.


You can also add a sun or moon or stars into the sky above your mountains. Use markers or crayons or colored pencils to add details to your drawing if you want to. We added a calendar page to the bottom half of the paper and we will hang this art on the wall all month long!